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Swoon – Cairo
This evening in London, SAN attended the opening of “Four Cities”, the new show at Black Rat Projects.
In a jam packed gallery, TenThree made his way through hell to get you proper shots of the new works presented by Swoon “Cairo” and “Alice the Lace-maker”.
After a strong installation at MOCA’s “Art In The Streets” Swoon delivers again two beautiful pieces which were accompanied by older but still stunning images.
Secondary Market pieces by Banksy, Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey were also on display for the event with a small and nice selection of works including an impressive “Muslim Woman” HPM by Shepard.
This was a very good event and we can only recommend you to go check it out by yourself.
“Four Cities” runs until 23rd June.

Swoon – Argentina -2007
Swoon – Alice the Lace-maker
Swoon – Mortimer and Jenkins -2004
Swoon – Mortimer and Jenkins -2004
Shepard Fairey – Muslim Woman -2005
Os Gemeos
Banksy – The Wave -2006
Banksy – CCTV -2005
Pictures By TenThree
Rom Levy

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