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London’s Streets: Nathan Bowen

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom is the founder & editor in chief of StreetArtNews. In 2009, he launched the ‘StreetArtNews’ website to promote underground art, which widened his scope to work with a larger roster of street artists on events and exhibitions. He is noted as one of the latest figures to help popularize street art and as an authority on the latest trends in urban contemporary art.
July 29, 2011
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Today we are bringing you a special London’s streets coverage with up and coming British Artist Nathan Bowen.
He is an artist that transforms old wasted street spaces into a new colorful playground for our eyes. He gives the streets an artistic reincarnation which he call “After Lives”an art movement which gives the streets a creative rebirth by producing art.
His iconic demon builders characters shows up all around the city with various messages or stories given by these little bad boys.
Nathan Bowen is also known for his unique, fast and dynamic approach to art, a courageous artist working in the streets without the fear of getting arrested.
This is not the kind of artist who’ll paint the streets only when he has artworks to sell, he uses the streets as a gallery so that everyone gets to see his work.
We look forward to hear and see more pieces from Nathan Bowen soon all around Europe but for the meantime happy hunting around the streets of London to discover his work!
You can also view more examples on his street work on his brand new website right HERE

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