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“Street Smart” Bergen Group Show Coverage

April 28, 2012
1 min read
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Last Wednesday, in Bergen, opened “Street Smart” a pop up group show organized by Norwegian magazine Goblin Mag at Bergen Kjøtt Gallery.
“Street Smart” featured new works on canvases, prints and outdoor murals from a selection of up-and-coming international artists with: Fin DACMartin WhatsonDotDotDotIcy and SotOrticanoodles, BTOY, L.E.T, Thomas Donaldson, Decycle, Vanessa Dakinsky, Dillon Boy and Roamcouch.
Only running for two days, “Street Smart” closed on Friday so if you missed it, check out all the pieces below..

More pictures after the jump…

Pics by Svennevenn and Motveggen

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