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The Banality Of The Banality Of Evil For Better Out Than In - Banksy Returns An Original Canvas To Housing Works Thrift Shop In New York City. 1

As we approach the end of Better Out Than In, Banksy throws another curve ball with his new stunt for October 29th.

Today’s piece started its life as any old painting at Housing Works Thrift Shop on 157 E 23rd Street – However Banksy clearly saw potential in this painting which led to him purchasing, modifying and returning the piece to its original place of sale. As with much of Banksy’s work, this is a significantly philosophical and political piece, with the Banksy’s modification being the addition of a Nazi officer on a bench in front of a scenic landscape.

The double-whammy of today’s piece is that the auction house, Housing Works, is an AIDS/HIV charity which supports low-income sufferers into homes and with care. We can assume that this is an issue that Banksy purposefully wants to draw attention to and we suspect that all proceeds from the sale of the piece will indeed go towards this good cause. If you’d like to support the cause too, you can donate to Housing Works online here.

The canvas can’t be bought it in store but will be added to the store’s online auction as with all their items.

Take a look at an extra image after the break and as usual stick with us for more updates as the story develops.

Update 1 3.45PM NYC: Item is not yet live on the store’s listing, but should be up shortly
Update 2 3.55PM NYC: The online auction will take place in two days
Update 3 4.05PM NYC: New pictures are now live after the jump
Update 4 4.10PM NYC: The arrangement with Banksy’s team was made this morning. Housing Works were aware that they would be receiving a piece.
Update 5 4.15PM NYC: You can now start bidding Banksy’s piece here – Starting bid 74,000$

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