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ROTI New Sculpture @ The Independence Square – Kiev, Ukraine

January 22, 2014
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New Street Art Sculpture by ROTI on the independence square to support the protest in Kiev, Ukraine.

While we are all familiar with his street art murals, French artist ROTI is a stone carver at heart. He recently flew to Kiev, Ukraine to support the ongoing protests.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators returned to the centre of Kiev last weekend, two months since the start of the first anti-government ‘Euromaiden’ protests. Further unrest is now expected in the country after three people were killed amid clashes with police this morning. The recent violence followed the introduction of controversial new anti-protest laws, which allow for jail terms of up to five years for those who blockade public buildings and the arrest of protesters wearing masks.

ROTI spent two weeks in Kiev carving with care this poignant marble sculpture showing a woman whose face and hands are trying to reach the surface. Simply breathtaking.
Continue reading to see a complete gallery on the sculpture after the break and keep in mind that if you are in Kiev, you will be able to see the piece on the independence square.

New Street Art Installation by ROTI to support the revolution in Kiev, Ukraine. 1

Pics by Chris Cunningham and Maxim Dondyuk

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