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Collin Van Der Sluijs x Super-A x Rutger Termohlen New Mural – Breda, Netherlands

April 20, 2014
1 min read

While we last heard from him last year in Vienna (covered), Collin Van Der Sluijs is now in Breda, Netherlands where he just finished working on this new collaboration with Super-A and Rutger Termohlen.
The wall is inspired by the sinister history of the location, which used to be a graveyard for people that died from the plague (around 1515). Because of this the graveyard became unpopular, therefore the cemetery was used to bury the poor, children, soldiers and suicides. The children dancing around the rat, the spreader of the plague is a link to the children song ‘Ring around the Rosie’. Ring around the Rosie is a reference to the black sores that would appear on your body as part of the plague.
Continue reading for more angles on this collaboration and then check back with us soon for more street art updates from Netherlands.

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