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Preview – The Bushwick Collective Art Show – Blek Le Rat, Dan Witz, Joe Iurato, Jerkface, Solus, Beau Stanton & Many More – Brooklyn, NYC

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Rom Levy Rom Levy
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May 29, 2014
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Tomorrow night will mark the first curated gallery show by the Bushwick Collective featuring an amazing line-up of artists featuring Blek Le Rat, Dan Witz, Joe Iurato, Jerkface, Solus, Beau Stanton, Rubin415, Chris Stain, Zimad, Sexer, Atom, & FKDL.

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The Bushwick Collective who have single handedly transformed countless walls in the up and coming neighborhood of Bushwick Brooklyn into blocks and blocks of urban canvases for both established and up an coming street artists are now taking the next logical step and curating their first gallery show.

Once again a bunch of urban artists took some time out of their schedules in the uber stressful day before an opening to chat with me and let me follow them around with my camera.

But this show is special because I personally spend at least two days a month wondering around the maze of murals commissioned by the Bushwick Collective getting my fill of urban art photography (I think of it as the equivalent of when my girlfriend gets her mani-pedi’s).

The Bushwick Collective is responsible for introducing myself to artists such as Jerkface, & Solus, and countless other Brooklynites and tourists to pioneers such as Blek La Rat and Swoon.  So you have to believe that their first gallery show on their home turf will be jam packed with must see works.

It’s always comforting to see new works by Blek Le Rat (if you don’t know his impact on street art then off to Wikipedia you should go immediately), but the life sized figure in a doorway wearing a gas-mask by Dan Witz is absolutely striking (see my interview & studio visit with Dan Witz which will be posted shortly for more info on his amazing career).

The show consists of mostly original works which truly pop hung up on at what were at one time white washed walls, but additionally the opening will feature a couple prints available for purchase (including a super shiny gold edition of 25 by Beau Stanton, a boxing glove heart by Solus in an edition of 75, and a couple surprises by Dan Witz).

I know I always say that this show “is not to be missed”… but this time I actually mean it ; )

So grab your camera and get there early (because you should take a walk around and check out a bunch of new murals up and down the block).

So I’ll see you all tomorrow at the opening:

Bushwick Collective Art Show
May 29th from 7-11pm
426 Troutman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Free Modelo beer, cider, and wine!!

Followed by the after party accross the street at Lot 45:

Author: Matthew A. Eller

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