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Tomorrow night will mark the opening of “Palabra”, the second show at Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Succulent Studios.  This amazing loft space with super high ceiling will feature installation art by the likes of Beau Stanton, Rubin, El Sol 25, SEK3, Iena Cruz, S. Rose, & Michael Alan.

Truthfully I have been super disappointed that I missed the opening of the inaugural show at Succulent Studies a month or so back, so I was very honored to have a chance to meet all the artists featured in their sophomore showcase (especially when they are down to the wire perfecting every detail of their new pieces).

This show has a lot going on… seriously a lot… every inch of the space is transformed by each artist in very different ways, but still at the same time acting as a cohesive unit.

Although each artists style is completely unique from the rest in the exhibition, there seemed to be an overall theme of maritime imagery, angular shapes and lines, controlled chaos, and unique lighting sources.

I discussed the maritime theme with Beau Stanton who explained that he is always influenced by the water and boats because he lives and creates in Red Hook Brooklyn, where he is infused with the maritime spirit riding his bike around on a daily basis.

Just to be clear this show is not a maritime themed installation, there just happens to be some overlap of this subject (it did not hurt that it was pouring rain while I was previewing as well…).  This exhibition explores the ability of artists who may usually work in a 2D environment being able to express themselves in a life-sized 3d experience.

Of course as always I do not want to give to much away because you should be heading over there tomorrow night for the opening if it’s physically possible!!

Opening party Saturday May, 17th – 7pm to ???

Succulent Studios
67 West St., Rm. 522
Greenpoint, BK

Great art, free drinks, and some very cool people!!  See you there tomorrow night : )


Author: Matthew A. Eller
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2014
Twitter: @ellerlawfirm
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