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Low Bros New Mural – Berlin, Germany

July 5, 2014
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Art brothers Low Bros recently painted this massive mural in their hometown of Berlin for the Urban Spree festival. Inspired by the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, the artists created this mural showing 4 wild cats made of favela houses and Brazil-like patterns and elements, circling around Maracana stadium.
Known for their 80/90s like imagery, consisting of sharp lines, rich patterns, and vectorized elements, the brothers proved once again their impressive talent by rounding up this massive piece. Playing with two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, this large piece has a nice depth effect to it, achieved by simple shading effect they like using in their works. By mixing organic elements such as animal and floral patterns, along with geometric shapes, the finished image is reminiscing of 90s video games or hiphop/skateboard visuals. The mural can be seen both as a whole, and as a witty mixture of smaller pieces completing each other into a larger piece.
Check out more closeups and process photos after the jump, and come back for more news from Berlin.

photo copyright Phillipp Barth

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