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Hendrik Beikirch ECB paints large portraits in Ferropolis, Germany

November 5, 2014
1 min read
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Hendrik Beikirch ECB recently visited the former beating heart of German iron production – Ferropolis. During his stay, Koblenz born artist painted 6 of his signature large scale murals.
Nowadays a theme park, an open museum, and a location for festivals, this place represents a monument of a golden industrial era. Hendrik’s idea was to pay tribute to the people that put this place in history books – the miners that worked in the area. Known for painting raw, black and white portraits of unknown, mostly elderly men around the world, this concept worked great with the deteriorating surrounding.
His project “Spuren” (Tracks), was documented by the Arte channel, so check out their trailer after the jump, along with some great process photographs by Nils Müller.

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