Coverage: Strøk “FLUX” Solo Exhibition @ Paris’ Galerie Mathgoth

December 7, 2014
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Norwegian artist Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk just opened his first solo show entitled ‘FLUX’ at Galerie Mathgoth in Paris. Anders produced 15 new pieces especially for the event that sold out prior to the opening night.
With solo shows in both Norway and Denmark, a large scale mural completed for Nuart festiva  in Stavanger (covered here), and his work for “Memorie Urbane” in Gaeta, it has been a busy year for Anders. 
Anders has a very personal style which perfectly fits within the urban space. Using his own photographs to produce his stencils, his work plays with both our perception and perspective.   Through the window of his Berlin studio Anders photographs anonymous people. He takes his pictures on sunny days in order to play with shadows and uses them to achieve his meticulous artworks where multi-layered stencils will be needed to give his final work this incredible level of photorealism. 
Strøk is a perfectionist and does not produce any of his work on canvas or paper. Instead he carefully chooses the materials to juxtapose his characters. The artist spent days in the forgotten workshops and abandoned factories around Berlin, looking for decaying ruins, rusted metal racks or used information signs – textured surfaces that will bring out the details of his work and give them more life and realism. Anders has the same requirements for his outdoor works, with smooth walls and new surfaces not offering much of interest because of their lack of authenticity. 
Continue reading for more images from the Galerie Mathgoth and if you are in Paris the show runs until the 23rd of December.


Invited by the Association LE MUR, Anders also completed a mural,  assisted by Wosedepicting a gravity-defying woman walking his dog . If you are in Paris you will be able to see it at 85 rue du Chevaleret  Paris 13.

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