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Irony and Frank Styles paint “Alice in Wonderland”, a new mural in South Shields, UK

January 8, 2015
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Irony just finished working a collaboration with Frank Styles who added the calligraphy to the piece which depicts Alice from the classic story "Alice in Wonderland".

Irony just finished working on a brand new collaboration with Frank Styles whom added the calligraphy on the artwork which depicts Alice from the classic story “Alice in Wonderland”. Alice is seemingly trying to break out from the surreal world that surrounds her. This is the first ever UV street art piece: all the lights and timing infrastructure are permanent and installed just for the piece to glow in the dark.
The text is a letter about a missing part of the of the Alice in Wonderland story that was cut because the illustrator didn’t want to draw it. The image of Alice is based on the model Faith Rutherford. Wall organised as part of the StrteetArtHeroes project for Cultural Spring, curated by Garry Hunter.
Hit the jump for more images and if you are in the area, the piece is located at Chuter Ede Community Association, South Shields at an old science block of an abandoned school.

Photos courtesy of Garry Hunter and Doralba Picerno.
Article by Monoprixx for Street Art News.

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