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Coverage: Pixel Pancho ‘Memories Of Our Life’ @ London’s StolenSpace

March 14, 2015
1 min read
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Pixel Pancho just opened his first exhibition in London entitled ‘Memories of our Life’ at Stolenspace Gallery.
Androids made up of metal, screws, and gears, resembling characters from futuristic films or sci-fi novels. With rusty exteriors and mechanism’s exposed, Pancho’s robots are extensions of human bodies and the reflections of mankind trying to be gods by creating them.
Known especially for his huge robot-filled murals, his love for graffiti has taken him all around the world. For his first exhibition in London, Pixel Pancho transformed the gallery with unique installation.
His new body of work entitled ‘Memory Of Our Life’ focus on the circle of life and the different moments portrayed as we grow, learn and make mistakes, showing this parallelism within his whymsical characters.

Next Thursday, we will be releasing a new limited edition screen print by Pixel Pancho entitled “The Last Kiss”.

If you are in London make sure to stop by, the show runs until April 12 at StolenSpace Gallery and continue reading for more images by Julie and stay with us for more London updates.

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