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Lonac finishes another surrealist mural in Zagreb

April 22, 2015
1 min read

Lonac finished yesterday this fresh new piece in his hometown of Zagreb, done for Ohoho festival of underground & DIY comics and street art @ AKC Medika.
“Medika Diving” is another great example of Lonac’s great painting skills, creative spirit and intelligent way of approaching his works. While getting to work on an uninviting brick wall, young artist actually built the whole piece around this thick exhaust pipe coming from it. Painting a self portrait image with a snorkel and recognizable HYPE cap, the whole piece is rounded up with acid feeling green tones. With an addition of recurring gold fish and a steaming mushroom, the finished mural got this trippy feel that is greatly emphasized with this 3D object as an essential part of it all.
Check out more process images after the jump and stay tuned for more news from Croatian artists.

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