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Preview – B.D. White “Miles to Go” A One Night Solo Exhibition – 04/11/15 – NYC

April 10, 2015
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Anyone who walks the streets of NYC (especially Williamsburg Brooklyn) looking down while typing away on their cellphone has experienced the art of B.D. White.  B.D.’s claim to fame is his relentless stenciling of the bottom over EVERY lamp post he passes by.  On my four block walk home from the subway earlier today I counted eight examples of B.D.’s obsession

So know that some of you have had that moment where you realize that you spend more time with B.D. White’s work during your morning commute than you do with your morning coffee, let’s learn a little about the artist himself.  

B.D. White is a Brooklyn based street artist specializing in mindful vandalism.  Paralyzed at age 18 he now spends his days and nights creating and putting up political art to engage the public with.  With that he hopes to open up dialogs and raise awareness about certain issues he feels strongly about. 

Miles to Go is a solo exhibition featuring 35 original works on display.  Each piece asks the viewer to take a closer look at a particular social or political issue.  With this the artist hopes to open up a dialog as well as raise awareness for certain issues he feels strongly about.

A prime example of what patrons can expect is entitled “Hours, Days and Years” which is a 56×60 mixed media canvas painting that depicts a child soldier in order to illustrate the loss of innocence message the painting displays.  The child soldier is meant to illustrate the broader message of children having to grow up too fast.  This could be the literal child soldiers that Boko Haram uses or the middle school kids in our own impoverished communities that are recruited into gangs at such an early age.

Expect not only large and small scale canvases and mixed media pieces (priced very reasonably between $300-$3K), but super affordable screen prints taken directly from his street pieces starting at $20!!  Although this is a solo show B.D. will be sharing the spotlight in part with some of his partners in crime such as Jilly Ballistic and Greg Fredrick’s AKA VinylPopArt.

Expect a star studded turnout for one of the nicest guys in the NYC street art game, so get there early:
Date: April 11th 2015
Event: Miles to Go.  A one night only solo exhibition
Time:  7-9 pm
Cost:  FREE
Location: Anderson’s Martial Arts Acadamy, 394 Broadway in Manhattan between White and Walker.


Author: Matthew A. Eller   
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2015

Twitter: @ellerlawfirm    

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