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Preview: Young New Yorkers Silent Art Auction ft Swoon, Shepard Fairey, LNY, Icy and Sot – April 1st

April 1, 2015
3 min read

For the second time in the last three years the amazing arts-based transformative justice group Young New Yorkers is having a silent art auction to raise funds for their upcoming programs.
Two of the teams curators are our friends LNY and Daniel Weintraub so you will be sure to see lots of street art represented in the auction.
The bidding is live now on Paddle8 or at 548 W28th Street on the second floor.

Tickets for the charity event are available now online, and may possibly be available at the door. There are over 100 artists that have donated their work and many of the pieces have very affordable starting bids, so good luck and thank you in advance for supporting this great cause.

Continue reading for more preview images and the full list of artists and as usual check back with us soon for the latest from the big apple!

Donating artists include:

@Netism, Adrian Viajero, Alex Seel, Alexis Gonzalez, Alice Mizrachi, Allie Olson, Amy Sol, Anita Glesta, Ariana Barat, ASVP, Brett Swenson, BND, Cake, Caroline Caldwell, Case Maclaim, Cb23, Cern, Ces, Chad Wys, Chino, Chris Stain, City Kitty, Coke O’Neal, Col Wallnuts, Cosbe, Cost, Cope 2, David Katz, Dan Witz, Dave Oritz, David Hockney, David Katz, Dee Dee, Distort, DonRimx, Dusty Rebel, Edapt, El Sol 25, Elle, ENX, Esteban del Valle, Faring Purth, Faust, Foxxface, Gaia, Gilf, Glenna Gorden, Grafica Mazatl, Greg Bugel, Greg Lamarche, Hanksy, Hannah Antalek, Hellbent, Humza Deas, Ian Kuali’i, Icy & Sot, Jess x Chen, Jetsonorama, Jill Cohen, Joe Iurato, Karl De’Wal, Kyle Nielsen, Laura Kurgan, Lmnopi, Lunar New Year, Lucas Benarroch, Magda Love, Maria Fragoudaki, Mark John Smith, Marthalicia Matarrita, Mata Ruda, Melanie Cervantes, Miss Van, Molly Crabapple, Molly Fair, Nanook, NDA, Nether, Nicholas Holiber, Olek, Patrick Waldo, Pete Railand, QRST, Queen Andrea, Rachel Hays, Ricardo Cabret, Robert Janz, Robyn Hasty, Roger Peet, Ronna Lebo, Roycer, Ruben Natal San-Miguel, Rodolfo Diaz, Russell King, Sally Duhig, Sarah C Rutherford, Sean Lugo, Shepard Fairey, Shiro, Sonni, Steven Holl, Swoon, Taring Padi, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, The Drif, Thea Gahr, Tom Smith, Trap, UR New York, Virginia Wagner, Zola

Swoon and Amy Sol
Case_maclaim and Faring Purth
 Joe Iurato, Chad Wys, Karl De’Wal, and Olek
Sonni, Miss Van, and Fox Faces
A collaborative piece between Gaia, Mata Ruda, LNY, and Rudie Diaz
Dan Witz
Shepard Fairey and Lmnopi
ENX and Cost
All pics Daniel Weintraub

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