Coverage: Yarrow Slaps “Get This Power” Solo Exhibition @ Los Angeles’ New Image Art Gallery

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom is the founder & editor in chief of StreetArtNews. In 2009, he launched the ‘StreetArtNews’ website to promote underground art, which widened his scope to work with a larger roster of street artists on events and exhibitions. He is noted as one of the latest figures to help popularize street art and as an authority on the latest trends in urban contemporary art.
June 7, 2015
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A few days ago, we stopped by New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles to attend the opening of our buddy Yarrow Slaps “Get This Power”, his first major solo exhibition.
After an exclusive sneak peek in his San Francisco studio, we were excited to discover his most recent body of work which includes large and small scale painting, installation, and photography depicting various niche hip-hop influences and urban ephemera.
Yarrow’s paintings have a cheeky upbeat appeal even when commenting on the social climate within today’s urban environment. His process imbues a “low-tech kitchen table aesthetic” that resonates with sophistication and naiveté. Building upon pre-existing SF creative culture, Yarrow Slaps continues to evolve artistically and present work that is both authentic and relevant.
Continue reading for more images and if you are in the area, the show will be running until June 10th at New Image Art, 7920 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, California 90046.

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Pictures by Rom Levy

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