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In Brief: Dr Love, Vinie, WD, Apitatan

July 30, 2015
1 min read
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Dr Love

We inaugurate “In Brief”, a brand new section here on StreetArtNews which will be featuring a series of different artists and artworks every now and then.
Last week-end, Dr Love brought to life a strong piece in Bristol for Upfest which is mixing real moss with stencil. Apitatan was on the island of Santa Cruz where he quickly worked his way on one of his signature illustrative pieces. Vinie participated in the Meeting Of Styles 2015 which took place in Perpignan, France, she painted one of her elegant woman which is enriched with a funky afro made out of small colourful tags. We wrap up with WD for Malta Street Festival where he painted at the abandoned Jerma Palace  Hotel in Marsaskala, his piece is inspired by the “Lord of the Rings”, but this time Smeagol is holding a melted Euro  coin, instead of the infamous Ring.
Hit the jump to discover all the pieces and stick with us for the latest Street Art updates from around the world.

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