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Sowat & Lek paint a massive ‘Evry Day I’m Hustlin’ mural in Evry, France

July 1, 2015
1 min read
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DMV crew members Sowat & Lek recently teamed up to paint their largest mural to date in Evry, France. Measuring impressive 150 feet long x 27 feet high the mural was done in collaboration with the local street art festival.
This unusual, abstract mural is consisting of Lek’s & Sowat’s signature elements such as lines, geometric colorful or abstract shapes and repetitive calligraphic symbols. The artist’s idea was to create sort of a tribute to the colossal wall paintings that flourished in the 70s along France’s freeways and tunnels. Along with painting the large wall on the side of the local college building, the artist included the roof elements into this masterpiece of street art. 
Check out more closeup images of this complex work and come back soon for more top news from around the world.

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