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Cece unveils a new mural on the beach of Siouville-Hague, France

August 31, 2015
1 min read
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French artist Cece just finished working on a beautiful eye piece located somewhere on the beach of Siouvilhle-Hague in France.
The artist says:

The basic idea was to revitalize an abandoned place full of history: a world war 2 blockhaus, collapsed, almost lying on its side. At first it was about to humanize this place with some poetry : before, the eye of the soldiers were watching the dead coming from the sea, and now there is this big blue eye, looking at the life and moves coming from waves movements, talks and answers , interactions of two creations coming from man and nature .. and then also I’ve wanted to point out the damage that may make human at some sites (into the pupil, the silhouette of the nuclear power plant from la hague). –Cece

As usual more images are awaiting for your click after the jump so take a look and let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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