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Christiaan Riffel aka Poeta Paints “Movement of Ideas” Mural in Heerlen, Netherlands

August 14, 2015
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Heerlend Murals project continues this year with fresh murals popping around the Dutch town. After Telmo Miel’s work last month, Christiaan Riffel aka Poeta recently spent few days working on this unusual piece at Spoorsingel in Heerlen.
Titled “Movement of Ideas” this geo based abstract piece was inspired by the town’s unfortunate life story, from being a bustling mining center to becoming distressed place with social and economical insecurity. With this art project being one of the initiatives to bring new life to the society, Argentinian artist calls upon movement of ideas in order to make the transition period quicker and more effective. With many possibilities for prosperity, Poeta’s work is celebrating the changes that just begun, and are happening now.
Check out more process shots after the jump and come back soon for more news from Heerlen and other street art centers.

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