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Upcoming: Banksy “Dismaland” Pop-Up Exhibition @ Weston-Super-Mare

August 19, 2015
2 min read
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Rumors have been circulating around the internet for a few days, but later this week Banksy is now set to open a new pop-up exhibition entitled “Dismaland” at in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.
The venue is called “Tropicana”, a 10,200-square-foot site to be transformed into “Dismaland”, a probable attack on American entertainment giant Disney.
This isn’t the first time Banksy has attacked Disney. Back in 2006, Banksy inserted a life-sized inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo Bay detainee in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland.
As usual with Banksy, the details are very scarce, but earlier this morning Iain Brimecome and Jon Goff were able to fly their drone above the site which brings us an overview of the venue and several interesting details.
A sculpture by Mike Ross entitled “Big Rig Jig” has been installed on the site, the sculpture was already seen at Burning Man in 2007. Several other artists already installed their work such as Steve “ESPO” Powers, Escif and a huge mural by Axel Void part of his “Mediocre” series. As seen on the aerial shots, a bunch of installations such as a black Police van immersed into water and several carrousels have already been installed.
The rest is currently unknown but keep  your eyes peeled on StreetArtNews for exclusive pictures from inside the show to follow soon.

Aerial views by Iain Brimecome and Jon Goff

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