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Daan Botlek Reveals New Indoor Installation in Oranienbaum

October 8, 2015
1 min read
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Between taking part in festivals, painting more traditional murals or doing exhibitions, Dutch artist Daan Botlek likes to experiment with new concepts and create installation. Recently he went back to Oranienbaum and created this effective indoor installation.
Playing with light and perspective her created three separate pieces titled ‘Pumice Pantheon’, ‘Entrance to Exit’ and ‘Schismatic Tendencies’. With his signature silhouette characters and the recurring rocks imagery, he used the derelict space to play with some new equipment and ideas. Taking advantage of different walls and angles, he created this striking anamorphic piece along with two smaller ones.
Check out more images after the jump and come back soon for more new concepts and public installations created worldwide.

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