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“C10H15N”, a new mural by Axel Void in Gainesville, Florida

December 1, 2015
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Axel Void was recently invited in Gainesville, where he was given the chance to beautify the local streets with some of his artwork.
Gainesville is considered a college town. The nature of the town has been subjected to the structure of the university campus. In my view, this format impedes the town’s development towards its own sense of community and idiosyncrasies.

Where students normally join a town, adopt its culture and contribute to it, in this case they reformat the town to feed their needs and often with economic purposes rather than cultural ones. This is not seen exclusively in college towns. Many other places in the US share this format of city planning that seems to be based on a pragmatic point of view rather than a cultural and community-oriented one designed to better the quality of life of its citizens. C10H15N is the chemical composition of Methamphetamine.

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