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C215 paints a new piece in Paris for Proj256

February 25, 2016
1 min read
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After first initial pieces created by Herakut in Paris and Bom-K in London back in October, Project 256 is active again with a fresh new pieces by our friend Christian Guemy aka C215. Created with an idea to help homeless people get back on their feet, Paris-based artist recently created 2 portraits by Didier.

Through his recognizable technique that mixes drawing and stencil, C215 portrayed previously unknown man from Bretagne who now lives on the streets of Paris. Both pieces were created in bright daylight and Didier actually helped the artist bring these works to life. Painted in the area where he usually spends his time, the portraits can be found near Place d’Italie on Boulevard Vincent Auriol, near the “Les Alps” bus station.
Check out more photos by Isabella Ståhl after the jump and on MyFinBec/Proj256 IG, and as with every piece by Proj256.org, you can use the QR code in the painting to send Didier Bitcoin donations.


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