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“Cuerpo de Adaptación – Ensayo de Proceso Inverso” by Elian in Buenos Aires

March 8, 2016
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Elian Chali BA ARG - Cuerpo ..... 3

Like all historical neighborhood of all cities in the world, the walls of buildings, are a great test of the time passing by, and historical reflection.

The concept of Elian’s latest work is based on highlighting the original texture of the building with the intention to prove that the city functions as a dynamic body and suffers the evolution of adaptations every day. It is not only a story explicit support related to situations that happen in some specifically space, we can also observe the behavior of architecture related to the local climate. Each element is part of our environment, we built as total persons,on the cities happen the same thing. The end of construction is not the last brick. Build our habitat, never stops.

The piece is located in the district of Barracas in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was coordinated and curated by Pol Corona for Sullair CULTURA.
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