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This Saturday opens KEY STIMULUS, German painter and muralist Rafael Gerlach a.k.a. SatOne first solo show in France at Openspace gallery in Paris.

KEY STIMULUS will consist of a new body of work of about 30 pieces created for the occasion during the last couple of months. Energetic and vibrant, the new work intends to evoke a particular emotional response in the viewer. The paintings become visual stimulus that invite the public into an intimate dialogue with the work upon which they are able to identify and project their own feelings and experiences, without knowing the artist’s initial approach.
According to SatOne, his intention is to “express a feeling or a situation by choosing the painting as a language, as I can’t find words for it. I therefore create partially or totally coded images that only the spectator can decipher »
SatOne envisions art as a means of communicating feelings and impressions. The formal aspects of the work, colour for instance, become subordinated to the idea or concept of the painting aiming to create an expressive tool able to evoke and convey universal human emotions and ideas.

Born in Venezuela in 1977, but raised in Germany, SatOne is today a self-employed artist currently living and working in Munich. He discovered graffiti as a teenager in the early 90s. A few years later he started a career as a graphic designer and illustrator working for various advertising agencies until 2003, when he began doing freelance work, working on illustrations, photography, character design as well as painting murals.
Although he rejects being attached to any movement or art historical canon, there is no doubt that his background permeates his visual vocabulary, which accompanied by an introspective approach to art, fosters a rich free aesthetic that open up new dimensions and give shape to a unique pictorial universe.

KEY STIMULUS opens on Saturday April 2 and will run until the end of the month at Openspace gallery located on 116 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France.

Read the press release written by Editor-in-chief of the contemporary art publication Steidz Magazine, Maxime Gasinier here.

For more about SatOne, have a look at his Instagram or Facebook account.

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