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“Zombie Graffiti” & more by Deih in Valencia, Spain

March 31, 2016
1 min read
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Spanish artist Deih just sent us a series of images from the latest artworks he created on the streets of his hometown, Valencia in Spain.

Introducing a new Zombie series on the streets, the Spanish urban artist painted this rad piece showing a graffiti zombie.  The zombies are caring for humans leaving messages for them and in this case he wrote “Life Is Cool”.

Take a look at a bunch of extra pics below and then if you are in the market for a Deih hand-finished print, make sure to take a look at our store.

_MG_2222 _MG_2213 _MG_2210 _MG_2199 _MG_2200 _MG_2194 _MG_2202 _MG_2204 _MG_2205

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