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Pejac in Azraq Camp and Amman, Jordan

April 28, 2016
2 min read
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After revealing his recent work he created in Al-Hussein Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Pejac just revealed two new works from his recent visit to Jordan. “Mothers Artists” was created im Azraq Camp for Syrian refugees and “Rotation” can be found on the streets of Amman.

Both addressing the massive refugee crisis that is hitting Europe and the world, Spanish artists focused on the positive side of it with his last two works. “Mothers Artists” in Syrian refugee camp is showing a woman bathing her small child in a bucket while telling stories of pristine beach on a sunny day. Celebrating the strength of mothers that carried and saved their children from the horrors of war, it shows their ability to create safer, more pleasant reality for their kids even in most horrific circumstances. Once again using a motif from old masters in his work (Sorolla’s “Valencia beach in the morning light”), the piece shows Pejac’s knowledge and appreciation for classic art as well as his ability to send simple, emotive and universally understandable message.
The second piece painted on the streets on Amman is titled “Rotation” and is depicting a young boy holding the rotating Earth on his finger. Commenting on the fact that so many people and young kids found new home in Jordan, the work symbolizes those kids as carriers of Earth’s future. At the same time, showing rotation as a force that is creating a whirlwind around the boy, it shows the influence that the world has on a single child’s life.
Check out more progress and detail images after the jump and come back soon for more art news from every corner of the globe.

Rotación 3

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