Roam couch’s new mural “Midnight Recital” in Japan

Japanese stencil artist Roamcouch is back at it again with his new piece entitled “Midnight Recital”.  As usual Roamcouch delivers a highly detailed piece that seems almost lifelike.  Check out the detailed images below.

“Comvida” by AddFuel in Lisbon

Portugese artist Add Fuel recently wrapped up another signature piece created for MURO Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Titled “Comvida”, this work is an important step for the artist as it mixes his Azulejos inspired stencil and freehand painting for the first time. Hoping to set the new path for his work, “Comvida” is inspired by

Rustam Qbic & Igou One New Wall in Kazan, Tatarstan

Russian artists Rustam Qbic and Igou recently teamed up in their hometown of Kazan, working on a collab piece for the upcoming museum of street-art at the local abandoned factory. The piece includes a mural part painted on an old wooden fence and a sculptural piece next to it. Depicting a faceless character on his

“The Gods Country” by Andrew Schoultz in Manila

After the successful opening of his New York Exhibition “Age Of Empire” at Joshua Liner Gallery, Andrew Schoultz flew straight to Philippines to participate in the Artbgc Street Art event. Painting on the busy streets of Manila under a scorching heat, the California-based contemporary artist unveiled his latest mural to date with this superb and impressive piece

Kenor Paints a Whole Train in Kiev, Ukraine

As a part of the ongoing ArtUnitedUs project, Kenor recently spent some time in Kiev, Ukraine, creating his contribution for the event. Taking a bit different angle to the concept, Catalan artist painted a whole metro train marking the Kyiv Day 2016. Through his abstract geo work, the artist shows his appreciation for the music that motivates his creativity

“Gaze” an installation by STFNV in Tbilisi, Georgia

GAZE is the central art installation for the electronic music festival “4GB ” which took place at the former carriage-building Soviet factory in the city of Tbilisi in Georgia. STFNV used ropes hanging from the polygon connection points. The ropes, which are perceived as lines arranged in three-dimensional space and hung in the direction of sight to

Case Ma’Claim, Phlegm in Manchester, UK

Some great things are currently happening on the lovely streets of Manchester in the UK. Phlegm and Case Ma’Claim are currently in town and they each just wrapped up their respective mural. The artists were in town for the Cities of Hope festival. The Festival is designed to amplify the messages of nine leading street