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“Mańana, 100 toni” by Alberonero in Valencia

May 24, 2016
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Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_011

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Alberonero just sent us a series of brilliant images from his latest mural which was just completed a few days ago on the streets of Valencia in Spain.

Painting at the University Politécnica, the Italian street artist unveiled a trippy mural featuring his color-based imagery. Simple yet super effective, this street art piece absolutely rocks and is entitled “Mańana, 100 toni”.

As usual more images are awaiting for you below, so take a look while we wait for more exciting murals to be unveiled.

Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_010 Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_013 Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_012 Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_018 copy Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_017 Alberonero_Mañana 100 toni_016Pictures by Kike Sempere

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