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“The Kick To The Moon” by Ella & Pitr in Saint-Etienne

May 16, 2016
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Ella & Pitr are back on the streets of their hometown, Saint-Etienne in France where they just wrapped up this new piece.

Entitled “The Kick To The Moon”, the French duo once again create a Xtra-Large artwork which shows on their signature sleeping giants.

Four days of work were needed to create the referee and the sleeping moon on the 30 meters long facade. The work includes many references: the referee, taking up most of the wall, symbolizes the place of soccer in the city, a sport that has marked the history of the area. The moon is reminiscent of the Journey to the Moon by Georges Méliès, an allegory of culture and art. This poetic encounter brings us back to our dreams and imagination.

Take a look at more mages by SoldArt after the break and keep checking back with us soon for more street art updates from France.
Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-52 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-12 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-10 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-9 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-8 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-6 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-3 Ella-Pitr-Papiers-Peintres-Saint-Etienne-Chateaucreux-Le-coup-de-pied-à-la-lune-Mur-Graffiti-Football-2

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