ArtWhino: Jason Woodside in Richmond

Our friend Jason Woodside graced the streets of Richmond with two large murals for the Richmond Mural Project organized by ArtWhino. The New York-based artist created some of his signature pattern-based images in form of a large circle and a triangle. Mixing bands of kaleidoscope pattern within geometric structures give Woodside’s work its unique edge. Discover all

ArtWhino: “Make Your Own Luck” by ASVP in Richmond

New-York based artists ASVP also travelled to Richmond, Virginia in order to participate in the Richmond Mural Project organized by ArtWhino. Entitled “Make Your Own Luck”, the duo quickly worked their way through this huge ladybug which will hopefully bring good luck to the local residents for years to come. ASVP is creating visual art with

“Tanausu” by Sabotaje Al Montaje in La Palma, Spain

Sabotaje Al Montaje just finished working on this large new piece for the Street Art Festival Depaso in La Palma, Spain. It took seven days for the Spanish muralist to wrap up this beautiful new piece entitled “Tanausu”. Tanausu was a great Aboriginal King from Palm Island and a great warrior. He represented the noble land.

“Goku” a new invasion by Invader in Paris

Kamehameha!! A pixelated version of Goku from the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama has appeared on the streets of Paris courtesy of the one and only Invader. Freshly returned from his Toulouse invasion, the French artist took over his hometown for a new round of invasions. On top of young Goku dubbed “PA_1214”,

David Walker in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France

Our friend David Walker just returned from France where he was invited by Gallery Mathgoth to work on a large mural somewhere in the cute city of Boulogne Sur Mer. After several days of work, the Berlin-based muralist created another of his impressive portraits which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents for years

“A French man in Milwaukee” by MTO in Milwaukee

French artist MTO just finished working on his first ever full-color piece and first ever self-portrait for the Black Cat Alley festival in Milwaukee. Entitled “A French man in Milwaukee”, MTO brought to life this hyper-realistic frog with a mustache wearing a fat cap hat. If you are in the neighborhood in the coming days, this piece

“Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves” by Faith47 in Los Angeles

Faith47 recently spent some time in California where she linked up with Branded Arts to create this new piece on the streets of Los Angeles. Entitled “Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves”, this quotation is the embodiment of the philosophical question as to how power can be held to account. In reference to the impossibility