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“PA_1225 – PA_1230” by Invader in Paris

August 26, 2016
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Once again, Invader is back in Paris with a series of five brand new invasions which are ranging from “PA_1225 to “PA_1230”.

Despite his usual pixelated space-invader characters, this round of invasion brings us a few perfectly placed pigeons, a young girl in her blue jacket and something quite rare these days with a ground level invasion. Hopefully this one will stay up longer than just a few days!

The work of Invader revolves around a personal project called, like the 80’s videogame, “Space Invaders”. This project involves the placement of multiple mosaics depicting spaceships, like the ones shown in that game, on every city in the world. These mosaics are found in certain places, carefully chosen by the artist and silently “invade” the planet, forming together a worldwide art installation.

Continue below to discover more images from Alexandre Feuvrier while we wait for more data to reach us from space.
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