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Recap: “Abstractism” Altrove Street Art Festival 2016 in Catanzaro, Italy

August 2, 2016
1 min read
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ALTROVE III_Ekta_Detail4©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz

A few weeks ago in the small city of Catanzaro in Italy, the Altrove Street Art Festival took place under the theme of Abstraction.

The line-up this year featured brand new street works from a stellar line-up which included the likes of 2501, Chakrabartypinaki, Alexey Luka, Aris, Ct, Ekta, Gue. Nelio, Dominic Romeo and THTF

In a movement that is overly saturated with decorative imagery, it is a breath of fresh air to see such an interesting initiative happening on the streets of Catanzaro.

Take a look at all the works below and make sure to let us know which is your favorite down in our comments section.

ALTROVE III_Nelio_Wall5©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Gue_Wall3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta+Nelio_Campagnella3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta+Alberonero_Wall3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta+Alberonero_Detail5©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta+Alberonero_Detail1©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta_WIP4©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta_Wall2a©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta_Wall2c©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta_Wall3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Ekta_Abandoned6©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Domenico Romeo_Wall3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Aris_Wall1©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Alexey Luka_Wall4©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_2501_Wall1©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_Alexey Luka_Abandoned7©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_THTF_Wall2©Angelo_Jaroszuk_BogaszPictures by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz

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