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LUSH has been very active lately putting up a variety of pieces on the streets of Melbourne using some of the big global stories as subject matter. Popular themes have been Pokemon, the US electoral candidates, Harambe, nude selfies and celebrities notably Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This latest three storey mural features Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and is based on what we see in Kanye’s video clip for the song Famous, (which is “inspired” by Vincent Desiderios’ 2008 painting called Sleep) and is perfectly positioned for the passing train passengers to view on the way into the city. A day after the mural was completed, Kimojis appeared on nipples…

We asked the elusive artist for some background on this piece and this is what he responded “The mural was a plea for world peace. It was a diverse, multicultural and progressive piece of art showing all the different shades of world in harmony. The Kimojis were an attempt to make the wall family friendly”

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Dean Sunshine

About Dean Sunshine

Dean Sunshine has lived in Melbourne Australia all his life and experienced first hand the graffiti and aerosol art movement as it began there in the 80's. For the last decade he has keenly followed the development of the local street art scene and photographed and documented thousands of works for no other reason than appreciation of the art form. Putting his interest online Dean started his blog called Land of Sunshine in 2010 which led to the self-publication of two books – Land of Sunshine (2012) and Street Art Now (2014) His blog is regularly updated with the latest street art and graffiti in Melbourne and also takes photos when travelling the world. Aside from documentation, he also offers the exterior walls of his warehouse in Brunswick, Melbourne for local and international artists to regularly paint and facilitates large and small street art commissions and projects. All photos are his own unless otherwise specified.