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“Technicolor Dream” by Lonac & Chez 186 in Zagreb, Croatia

October 17, 2016
1 min read
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Zagreb-based artists Lonac and Chez 186 recently finished their collaboration mural “Technicolor Dream” done for the local Ohoho Festival. The artist spent almost one month working on and off on a piece that can be seen and enjoyed @ AKC Medika at Pierottijeva 11 in Zagreb.

The finished work is mixing Lonac’s recognizable photo realistic style with Chez 186 abstract patterns and graphic. Working on a rough brick wall, the artists still managed to achieve smooth and well composed image that is having both calming and psychedelic feel to it. Depicting a sleeping girl surrounded with energetic colorful elements, the abstract, psychedelic side of the piece is accented by the vivid colors. Though working with exclusively blue tones, Lonac once again showed his impeccable skill for creating stunning realistic images.

Check out some progress and detail photos after the jump and stay tuned for more info coming from all around Europe and the world.






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