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Zes “Transition” original series of works on paper

October 6, 2016
1 min read
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Zes MSK just released “Transition”, a series of unbelievable 10 original works on paper through his website. Zes, aka Zeser, aka Zes AWR/MSK, is a Los Angeles-based artist and he has been one of L.A.’s most prolific taggers for many years.

Zes is one of our favorite artists at the moment and you should also definitely follow him on Instagram to get an insider view in his world and mind.

For “Transition”, the thick textured paper used in the series is exceptionally beautiful which only lends to Zes’s elegant gestures and strokes. These pieces have a special quality that can only be experienced in person. Zes also brilliantly incorporated his unique signature as part of the composition.

The pieces are each 30 x 22 inches, mixed media on deckle edge paper mouldmade in France and come signed, numbered and certified by the American artist.

The pieces are selling quickly so head over to zes1.com to purchase yours now.

zes3 zes2

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