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“Background subtraction” by Daan Botlek in Bangalore, India

November 15, 2016
1 min read
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Helped by the local art students, Daan Botlek recently finished this massive intervention on the Palace Road in Bangalore, India. Invited by the St+art India project, the artist and his team of helpers spent couple of day tackling this beast of a wall and turning it into a playful image.

Dutch artist that has been known for taking an unusual approach to creating public art found an original way to intervene with this unusual wall measuring 150m in length. Constantly aiming to include the given elements into his work, he actually figured a great concept to interact with the white/blue stripes covering the wall on the side of bustling road. Greatly helped by the students of Shrishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, the team worked through harsh conditions in order to complete this unique piece. Using the stripes as both background and foreground color, Botlek came up with the idea of Domino first, and evolved into other concepts which were continuing the original concept.

Check out the photos by Pranav Gohil and Akshat Nauriyal after the jump, and let us know what you think of Daan Botlek’s new creation in our comment section bellow.

daan-botlek-bangalore02 daan-botlek-bangalore03 daan-botlek-bangalore04 daan-botlek-bangalore05 daan-botlek-bangalore06 daan-botlek-bangalore07 daan-botlek-bangalore08 daan-botlek-bangalore09 daan-botlek-bangalore10 daan-botlek-bangalore11 daan-botlek-bangalore12

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