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“Resurrection of Angels” by Fin DAC in Los Angeles

December 11, 2016
1 min read
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Irish urban artist Fin DAC has been hopping from place to place in the US recently (see previous posts) and he’s just stopped off in LA to drop 2 pieces in the same vein.

Resurrection of Angels Part 1 is, as the title suggests, the first instalment. Taking his theme from the City of Angels itself, the artist worked for a few days in the California sun close to venice Beach (one of his favourite haunts) to produce this angelic piece. With wings extended on to a window and a cut-out head piece added to the top, Fin DAC has managed to increase the impact of an already arresting artwork for passers-by on Lincoln Boulevard. And if that wasn’t enough he’s even added real gold leaf to the mask and grafitti tags… an idea he got from Canadian artist and friend Kevin Ledo.

The mural can be found at Love Shack, 2121 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice and stay tuned for Part 2 shortly

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