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Brandon Sadler in Atlanta

January 2, 2017
1 min read
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This wall was painted for the Atlanta BeltLine, through a grant in partnership with Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus and two other artists Sanithna Phansavanh and Peter Ferrari. If you’d like to see their portions visit there pages. As a metaphor for their collaboration on the project, they each painted an animal in their respective environment, representing our diversity of culture and background.

For his portion Brandon painted a tiger coming down from a mountain to the sea. In his work, he uses a lot of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting techniques, and he wanted to bring that feel to the wall. he typically uses all aerosol for his murals, but to achieve that watercolor on rice paper style, he did some experimenting.

he painted in washes of color with aerosol like it was watercolor, then used a push broom for the rocks, and a large horsehair brush for all the out lines. There are pine trees growing by the wall, so he painted in some branches using the shadow of the actual trees so the work would blend into the environment. This approach gave the piece great movement and it works wells with the space.

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