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Preview: Buff Monster “Melt With Me” An Exhibition of Sculptures Opening 02/16/17 NYC

February 15, 2017
2 min read
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Buff Monster is back with another installment of his beloved “Mr. Melty” series, but this time with sculptures cast in concrete!  Each of them painstakingly sculpted from scratch and because of the medium has a personality each of their own.  Thursday February 16th will be your first chance to snag one of these bad boys!

Buff Monster explains “The big focus of the upcoming show is this large version of Mister Melty. He stands 24” tall and has been in the works for over a year. For this piece, he was sculpted from scratch and produced in high-impact resin, fiberglass and automotive paint. This really is the ultimate expression of the figure; the glossy finish, the smooth lines and the cartoony features all create this wonderfully optimistic and refined character.”
The upcoming show is the culmination of a variety of experiments with presenting one figure (Mister Melty) in multiple materials. Mister Melty has been presented as a vinyl toy and resin figure at 3 inches, and as a candle at 5 inches.
Buff further explains “I’ll continue to use those materials as is appropriate, but I really wanted to explore other materials; materials that are conceptually the exact opposite of melty ice cream. As a street artist, the materials I work with the most are spray paint and concrete. So we’ve been experimenting with several kinds of concrete until we found the best one. Each sculpture has been cast by hand in my LES studio in two sizes: 5” and 7.5”. Each one in the show has been uniquely damaged and most are painted in solid colors (of spray paint). The resulting pieces resemble sculpted icons of a past society, and they all certainly contradict the soft and flowing nature of ice cream.”
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