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“Last Island” by Onur in Napier, New Zealand

April 15, 2017
1 min read
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Our friend Onur just returned from Napier in New Zealand where he was invited to paint for the Oceans Festival organized by PangeaSeed and Seawalls. He created this stunning piece of work which is entitled “Last Island”.

Summer and winter are inching closer, the four seasons melting together. Due to climate warming, to which we are undoubtedly contributing, polar icecaps and glaciers are shrinking.The Arctic is bound to set yet another summer melt record this year. An iceberg shouldn’t have to drift past a North Sea beach, for us to realize just how close our relationship to the Arctic and Antarctic is. My mural depicts the postapocalyptic scenario of the last iceberg.

More images are awaiting for you below so take a look and then make sure to drop a line down in our comments section.

Pictures by Feed and Viny Cornelli

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