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“Brighter Days Are Coming” by Sepe in Saint Petersburg / Russia

May 25, 2017
2 min read
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Invited by Urban Nation Berlin, Goethe Institute, and Street Art Museum Saint Petersburg, Sepe was recently in Saint Petersburg, contributing to the 100th anniversary of October Revolution in Russia. During his stay Polish artist painted this provocative large acrylic piece on wooden panel as his take on a famous work by Ilja Riepin titled „Kurskaya Korennaya”.

Painted on a wooden panel, the piece is measuring impressive 9 x 6m and is created using very limited yet striking color palette. Bright blue and red sections are creating a strong contrast that is emphasizing the tension showing in the image. Replacing the Eastern procession from the original painting with somewhat of a worship ceremony of a golden statue with Kaloshnikov rifle, the image symbolizes revolution as a birth of an idea. Representing the idea of revolution as a child that’s expected to grow strong, healthy and make his parents proud, the artist points out the possibility that he can grow up as an unpredictable tyrant that will terrorize his parents and others. The image strongly refers to current political situation in the region with bald head of the main character not being a coincidence or accident.

Check out more detail images of this strong piece of art after the jump, and please feel free to let us know your thoughts about this work in our comment section.

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