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Three new pieces from Artez in Serbia and India

May 4, 2017
2 min read
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Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez is one of the leading Serbian aritsts to emerge on the local graffiti scene, best known as an artist who likes to mix photo-realism and illustrations, with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colours of his work. While we haven’t heard much from Artez in a while, he has just sent in some new pieces that he has done. Featuring his signature style, artist has created two murals and a canvas, all very similar thematics. The mural above is called “Let it out” in Belgrade, Serbia, this one took artist two days to make. Next up, is the mural below called “Reading Makes You Grow” which is in Mumbai, India. This mural is perfectly positioned to make the name be perfect for the piece and it took the artist 8 days to make. Lastly, there is the canvas by the name of “To take care of” on 200 by 160cm canvas, painted with acrylic, and this one took 4 days to make.

All three of these new pieces by the artist are from his new series, on which he is working to try to motivate the spectator (us) to start a dialog with the painting and hopefully to get some inspiration from the painting. Simple actions that are shown in these artworks should give the spectator a starting point for thinking about things that the artist personally finds important and that is how he tried to promote them because of their positive values. Inspiration for these three artworks came trough sketching with the idea of creating different scenes that show possible or imaginary interaction between human figure and floral motifs.

Take a look at a few more shots below and then make sure to stick with your friends at StreetArtNews for the latest updates on Eastern Europe based artists.

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