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“Preparing dinner” by DIMITRIS TAXIS in Airola, Italy

July 29, 2017
1 min read
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Polish-born street artist by the name of DIMITRIS TAXIS has been creating artworks on the streets at home in Athens, Greece for over 6 years now. Few weeks ago he has completed a fresh new mural in Airola, Italy. Titled “Preparing Dinner”, the mural was created for the third edition of “In Wall We Trust” festival, which is supported by non-profit organisation IWWT.

At the location of the wall a lot of people of all ages come and relax in the afternoon (mostly elderly), so I wanted to depict something very common to everyone… Preparation of a dinner. In Airola, onion is one of the most popular ingredients in cooking (as it is in Greece).


Check out more pictures below and stay tuned on Streetartnews for more updates from Italy!

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