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Rooftop by Fin DAC in San Francisco

July 10, 2017
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Our friend Fin DAC is definitely a man of his word. Hot on the heels of his recent Bratislava piece, the Irish artist presents us with another street piece for 2017… and, as promised, this isn’t just a mural.

‘Shukumei’ is an addition to the artist’s ‘Hidden Beauty’ series but, as stated by the artist himself, “There’s something a little bit special about this one”.

Painted on a rooftop in the west coast city of San Francisco over the course of 5 days, and battling typical SF ‘summer’ weather, the artist has produced yet another artwork that takes its lead from the surface its painted on.

As he explains in the ‘making-of’ video (see below), a rooftop skylight in the centre of the roof informed or perhaps even dictated the eventual design. Check the night-time shots where the light pours out of the skylight from the building below.

As always with his ‘Hidden Beauty’ offerings, he has not divulged the exact location but eagle-eyed viewers might get some clues from the ‘making-of’ video.

Rooftop by Fin DAC in San Francisco

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