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“Bookworm” by Artez in Lecce, Italy

October 26, 2017
1 min read
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Artez has just finished another mural in Europe called “Bookworm”. This mural is located in Zona 167 of Lecce, which was famous as one of the most dangerous areas in the whole southern part of Italy because of its high criminal activity and mafia presence in this particular district. In the past few years the area became much more safer and now it’s going trough the process of revitalisation, with the mural project initiated by the local church and organised by 167ArtProject.

The idea behind this mural is promotion of education and knowledge – two things that can help us to constantly keep developing. You can lose your cup of tea, but never drop the knowledge that you’re carrying!

– Artez

Besides Artez (Serbia) who painted “Bookworm” mural, few more artists took part in the project and painted another 3 walls – Chekos (Italy), Bifido (Italy) & Julietta (Spain) and Mantra (France).

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