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“Climate 04-Sea Level Rise” a project between art and science by Andreco in Venice

October 19, 2017
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The visual artist Andreco introduces in Venice Climate 04-Sea Level Rise, a project between art and science focused on the consequences of the climatic changes and the rising sea level.

Climate 04-Sea Level Rise is the fourth step of the Climate project, which is composed by a series of interventions that took place in different European cities; the project started in Paris in November 2015 during the Cop 21, the UN conference about Climatic Changes, and subsequently continued in Bologna and Bari.

Climate consists in the realization of various site specific interventions, including installations in the urban space, mural paintings and talks which aim to create a connection between science and art, a dialogue that translates into works inspired by the latest scientific researches on the causes and the effects of climatic changes.

Andreco’s aim for this project is to underline the weaknesses of the territory where his interventions will take place. While in Bari the main theme was the accelerating desertification caused by the rising temperatures, in Venice the artist’s focus is the sea level rise.

The Climate 04-Sea Level Rise project chose Venice as a symbol, the city being of one of the most exposed to this kind of risk and potentially destined to be submerged, according to the majority of present forecasts.
This step takes inspiration from some international researches led by IPPC, Delta Committee, WGBU and from articles published by the professor Rahmstorf and the researchers of the CNR- ISMAR about the effects of the sea rising in Venice lagoon.

The project includes three different interventions, specifically conceived and developed for the city of Venice: a big wall painting, an installation and a talk which will analyse climate change under a scientific and artistic point of view.

The mural will be done along the shores of Canal Grande in Fondamenta Santa Lucia, and it will represent an artistic translation of the studies about sea level rise and extreme waves, according to the scientific evidence and estimates provided by research centres involved in the project.

Another thought about the lagoon ecosystem will be represented by the installation, which will host some autochthonous plants underlining the environmental benefits of coastal plants as well as their contribution both in the adaptation and mitigation of climatic changes and in protecting Venice.

The third and last intervention will be an academic conference featuring talks by international scientific researchers and international contemporary art protagonists, with the purpose of bringing the concepts and motivations which inspired the project Climate 04-Sea Level rise to a broader audience while stimulating a public discussion about the causes and the effects of climate changes, a theme which will be crucial both for the city of Venice and the whole planet.

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