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Today Banksy commemorated the Balfour agreement with an apology tea party which was held at his “Walled Off Hotel” in Betlehem, Palestine.

Banksy said “This conflict has brought so much suffering to people on all sides, it didn’t feel appropriate to celebrate”

The artist commissioned a professional stone carver  to inscribe a British royal crest and an apology into the separation wall itself which reads “Er SORRY”.

“The British didn’t handle things well here — when you organise a wedding, it’s best to make sure the bride isn’t already married,” said the artist.

Torn and burnt-out British flags  were strung up across the street while 50 local children wearing bullet ridden Union Jack hats were seated along a long table

The children live in nearby refugee camps as their grandparents were displaced as a result of the events Lord Balfour set in motion.


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